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hi hello hey konNichiwa whats up

I’m Mariya Munsey - the Y is there because it I’m half Japanese.

Think of the song Maria by Santana or the one from Sound of Music if you have a hard time figuring out how to say my name. I promise, it will help. No need to sing it to me out loud though.

I’m an Art Director, photographer, and semi-pro part time dog walker. I was born in Tokyo, raised mainly in Seattle but I’m living in Pasadena. Currently I’m attending ArtCenter College of Design as an advertising major while also working part time at R/GA Hustle.

I think my love for creative work started when I somehow won a fashion design competition at age 7 while visiting Japan. They told me I won because I ‘creatively stayed in the lines’. Now, I want to make a career of kinda doing the same thing.

Find me where the dogs, beer (or coffee), friends, and shenangians are or at the contact information below.

#: 206 465 9930