Mariya Munsey / Term 4 Portfolio

PIECE 1 / Griffith Observatory

The brief was for Griffith Observatory - to communicate the feeling of space, on a billboard. These were all photographed by myself and a tripod- no photoshop involved but core strength involved! 

PIECE 2 / Felix Arabia

We were assigned to choose a task that the United Nations was taking on then create a whole book on it. After much research, I found myself diving into the country of Yemen and current civil war that is occurring there. I realized that I knew nothing about Yemen, other than a reference from the TV show Friends. Rather than choosing a topic that I was familiar on, I decided to throw myself into research on the Yemeni Civil War. Even after a few short weeks of research, I became incredibly passionate about the people and atrocities in Yemen.

My concept for the book was: introducing a magical land that existed in this world  (almost like a travel destination) through foods, exotic animals and plants, the culture, and more. The goal was to make people care and be curious by the time they got to the center fold 'punchline' which was basically, 'This beautiful land, is actually Yemen, which is currently being torn apart by war, famine and more'. 

After I was finished designing and researching for the book and had it printed and bound.. I received the book back and was quite unhappy with it. So, with a few days before it was due - I made a book press with two cutting boards, a drill, and some screws and decided to perfect bind the book myself, for the first time ever. I would say, the risk paid off.  The final book was 90 pages total.

Here are parts of the book and a video flipping through it.

PIECE 3 / Narrative Imaging + Record Covers

Photographs taken over 8 weeks that show possibilities of multiple narratives. From there - choosing photographs to create a narrative for old jazz records. I decided to take a two different kinds of a modern twist on 'Street of Dreams' for both of the record covers I designed. 

PIECE 4 / Twizzlers

The brief was for Twizzlers with the tagline 'Deliciously Twisted'. The focus was meant to be on the word twisted (the definition being messed up, strange, odd). With the concept of a peeping tom being obsessed with Twizzlers over an actual person to communicate the idea of twisted.

PIECE 5 / Peace Corps Rebranding

The first photo below is what the current Peace Corps logo and logotype are, which hadn't been redone since it's start in 1961. My goal when rebranding the Peace Corps was to promote the human qualities that this non-profit has while also keeping in mind that is it run by the US Government, which is why I stuck with the hand drawn letterforms but kept a clean, more corporate logo.

Above are just a few of the ideas that stuck and I held as inspiration when figuring out what direction I wanted to go in. In the end, I kept the bird symbol, but shifting the symbol to represent more of what the company stood for and even was in their name - the dove holding an olive branch. 

Below are the logo and logotype in many different forms. The immediate goal was to be able to have endless lockups to be put on clothes for volunteers, business cards, etc.  The end goal, would be able to recognize the logo alone without the logotype next to it.

PIECE 6 / Julia Childs Cookbook

A total of 24 pages (with cover), 8.5 x 10 inches - this was a project to do a quick mini redesign of Julia Childs Cookbook with our own modern twist.

PIECE 7 / Simplicity

Simplicity is a lifestyle blog that my friend from back home in Seattle was thinking about starting for around a year. After consulting me back and forth about how she should launch it, design it, and create an aesthetic for it - she finally did it and has done very well since. I have been the person she goes to for creative help and advice but my main job with this project has been taking the photographs. Here are a few examples to scroll through(if you'd like to see more you can go to:

PIECE 8 / Playtex

As a woman, there are many things that we have to deal with, one of them being periods. I thought about how uncomfortable it is to be worried about it all day and the possibility of it 'going through' - as most woman can relate to that feeling of either panic, not knowing, or horror. I tried to think of what was the most simple way to communicate that.

PIECE 9 / Jack Kerouac

12 pages total, 8.5 x 11 inches, saddle stitched, black and white - with matte black cover. This booklet was created to introduce Jack Kerouac, his work and life. 

PIECE 10 / Posters

1 / An assignment was given to us at the beginning of the term: Record all 14 weeks of whatever you consume (food and drink). After 14 weeks of consumption, I decided to show what I had ate, drank, and paid for through a graphic sense and humor on two posters rather than with numbers and charts.

2 / Below is a poster that was printed 24 x 36, grayscale only. The assignment was to create a self manifesto. 

Thank You!