term 6 / mariya munsey

1 / tinder: You still got it

Class / Digital Narrative
Teacher / Zohrab Gevorkian

Tinder is what puts confidence back into your step. It's as simple as that. 

2 / 'Mister Marvelous' by byredo

Class / Power of Pleasure
Teacher / Matthew Rolston

Brief: create a spec for high fashion luxury brand BYREDO that has a total running time of 45 seconds that must be shot by yourself.
Concept: Challenging roles. Is there really such a thing as 'gender'?


Class / Ad Con 2
Teacher / John Loper

4 / golds gym

Class / Ad Con 3
Teacher / John Loper



Class / Digital Narrative
Teacher /Zohrab Gevorkian

Sports fans are dedicated and sometimes they become so passionate that their habits during the season become all consuming.

6 / poler outdoor stuff

Class / Copywriting 1
Teacher / Gary Huerta

Poler Outdoor Stuff is a relaxed brand. The mission is to be fun, laid-back, and adventurous. We want to make it easy to enjoy the 'great outdoors'. The vision is to encourage people to have fun outside, and not ever be intimidated by outdoor adventure. The tagline 'Get Out, Stay Out' defines the least intimidating and easy outdoor experience you can have. Poler Outdoor Stuff just wants to get people committed to making going outside apart of their lifestyle. 

7 / toms perspective

ONE SHOW Submission
TOMS customers often wonder where and who they are contributing. So we wanted to bring you one step closer to seeing the impact consumers have by creating a shoebox that transforms into a virtual reality headset called Tom’s Perspective. Each VR Perspective video holds a different experience from places and people, all over the world.


ONE SHOW Submission
TOMS partners with major restaurants in the US for each day of the week to join the fight of ending world hunger and give to people in need. This idea is accomplished by following the one for one initiative - by giving a meal whenever someone buys a meal.  

9 / project 0

ONE SHOW Submission
TOMS creates a pop up shop called ‘Project Zero’ across major cities in the United States that have specific dollar amounts particular to a building project somewhere in need. Each pop up shop displays a large digitized dollar amount that will go down for every product that is purchased. Communities work together to improve other communities across the world. Once the goal is met, each contributor will be invited to an event to celebrate hitting the zero mark. 


Photographed and helped an upcoming Yoga instructor launch a fitness and lifestyle blog with a variety of photoshoots for web and social.