roam extraterrestrial

Rebranding Client: The UFO Museum
New Concept + Identity — Teaser — Posters — Stationary — Experience —  Web + Mobile — Merch

The UFO Museum located in Roswell, New Mexico and it's an extremely kooky place to visit. Their website alone can give you an idea of what the experience is like.  My goal was to not only totally rebrand The UFO Museum, but to also to give it a brand new concept.  That's where Roam Extraterrestrial steps in. The concept behind Roam - is a destination for adventure that is unlike anywhere else. It's heavily influenced and dependent on the outdoors; and also the feeling of an altered reality.  Roam Extraterrestrial also has the branding to back up it's completely unique experience. 

Featured in ArtCenter Gallery / 2016