I'm currently uploading and writing this blog post from my laptop at the Starbucks near my new home in Pasadena, CA. I'm here taking advantage of their wifi and outlets because Kiki and I's new apartment has no power till Tuesday, the day I start my second term at Art Center. 

Which means, I basically never stopped camping. The only things that've changed are the fact I am no longer alone on the coast of California - I am now with my best friend in our new home. I continue to sleep on my thermarest, in my sleeping bag, no lights, and the struggle of only eating non perishable food is so real. Oh, and I can't forget the one true constant of my camping experiences so far - wine and music. Everything is okay because wine and music. 

Anyways! I just wanted to show y'all a few previews from my excursion back to LA. I decided to take the scenic route and do the whole camping thing by myself. Every minute of it was pretty darn amazing and I found myself learning a lot about myself while feeling a new kind of independence. Since Camille and her parents were headed to Santa Barbara, I met up with them randomly through out my trip. It was great to have some company and get to explore with other people from home. 

Come visit me y'all! Let's take photos, explore, and grab drinks.
Stay tuned for photos of the new living space and other projects. Hope you enjoy the photos and that you come back to check out the full set!