basically my ears went to heaven tonight

     The Alternate Routes and Storyman (previously Guggenheim Grotto) opened up for Ingrid Michaelson tonight and it was so amazing. If you haven't heard any of the bands I have listed, go listen to them now - I promise you won't regret it. She played at the Paramount and it was a huge show! Last time I saw her, it was at the Showbox and it was a much more intimate show. Even though it wasn't as intimate, it was a wonderful night for music. She played music from all of her past albums and her current one: Lights Out. GO LISTEN TO IT NOW.
     All of the bands sounded like their recordings, if not better. Ingrid switched up her popular song 'You and I', played a little Pearl Jam and Nirvana, and had a conversation with two guys named Jason and Trent. We learned that Jason and Trent were not yet together  but they were working on their relationship after a funny conversation that started with Jason yelling 'the gays are here!'. Ingrid then dedicated two songs to the not yet couple. How could you not get together after that? Apparently, Trent is the iffy one. Ha.
     Thank you Alternate Routes, Storyman, and Ingrid Michaelson/her band, for giving Kiki a night to take a break from all the crazy in our lives. We will be listening to all of your songs for a while and we hope to see you again soon.

Photos taken with: Sony NEX-6